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A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Welcome to Digix99, where our journey is defined by the relentless pursuit of empowering businesses through innovative digital marketing solutions. With a foundation rooted in creativity and performance, we’ve evolved into a dynamic force dedicated to driving tangible results for our clients.
About Us

We are committed to transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity with our customers & other business partners. Our team is experts in creating content, building an audience, and generating leads for clients across the country. Our team of specialists has over 5 years of combined experience in the industry, giving us the ability to produce sustainable results that build meaningful relationships with your customers. We work with brands of all sizes and help them grow their business through personalized campaigns tailored to their needs.

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Our values


Here at Digix99, we shun smoke and mirrors. Our commitment is to be forthright and genuine in all our dealings with clients. We make promises, and we deliver on them, without exception.


Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our ethos. We tirelessly work to establish relationships built on trust, fully aware that trust is earned through the consistent adherence to our unwavering standards.


Our belief is that expertise should not equate to complexity. We take pride in our straightforward approach, endeavoring to simplify what might seem intricate in the digital realm.


In the digital marketing sphere, data is the backbone. Yet, we aren't satisfied with mere access to reports and metrics. Our ultimate focus is translating each campaign into tangible business growth.

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Your Premier Marketing Solutions Provider

As pioneers in the realm of digital marketing solutions, we have harnessed years of experience to understand that each marketing channel possesses unique strengths. However, true marketing alchemy occurs when these channels are strategically interwoven to create a holistic strategy. We furnish our clients with comprehensive, full-service strategies that seamlessly blend diverse digital channels to amplify visibility, elevate conversion rates, and propel revenues.


Your Success, Our Expertise Combined



Subhash Modi

Co-Founder & MD

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