1. Find a niche

Find your skills. Your skills can be your niche

2. Find a platform

Start publishing on Blogger or WordPress

3. Content Ideas

Don't know what to write about? Find hot topics in: -Quora -Pinterest -Google Question Center

4. Domain & Hosting

Find a perfect niche-related domain name or build a brand and find the best web hosting for your blog

5. Choose Perfect Theme

Find the perfect theme for your website. You can find free and paid themes. The best blog themes: GeneratePress, Astra

6. Keyword Research

Focus on low competition keywords, long tail keywords, and competitor keyword research, and try to find LSI keywords

7. Content creation

Start writing blogs /articles about your niche or similar topics. Try to write at least 1000-1200 words

8. Promotion

Now once you publish the articles you don't have to stop, start promoting everywhere like your social media groups, start doing SEO and build quality backlinks to rank the article.

9. Consistency

Try to publish at least 2 articles a week, but make sure they are quality articles.

The blog is like a tree, keep watering it and it will keep growing. But once you stop, it won't grow.